World Women Chess Championship 2008

official rules, part 2

Rules according to D.01.07 of FIDE, read part 1 here

3. 18. Arrangements for the Playing Hall

3. 18. 1. The WCCC shall ensure the playing hall and its environs meet at least the requirements of the FIDE Regulations for the Organisation of Top Level Tournaments (FIDE Handbook C.01).

3. 18. 2. The playing venue shall be decorated with the FIDE flag, IOC flag, the flags of the host nation and the participating Federations.

3. 18. 3. After the World Chess Championship Committee agrees with the Organisers on the arrangements in respect of the tournament hall, facilities, accommodation and meals, transportation, telecommunication, ceremonies, no objections from the participants shall be acceptable.

3. 18. 4. Organisers shall provide, free of charge, coffee, tea and soft drinks for the players and principals. It is advisable that the same offer shall apply for press members.

3. 19. Photography and Television

3. 19. 1. Only photographers and camera crew expressly authorised by the Press Officer may work in the playing venue.

a) When more than 16 players are competing, flash may be used only during the first ten minutes.

b) When 16 players or less are competing, flash may only be used during the first five minutes.

c) In tiebreak games flash may only be used in the first three minutes. In case of 5 minutes + sudden death games, the use of flash is not permitted, the use of cameras without flash may only be permitted if the Arbiter in charge deems their use to be unobtrusive.

e) Television cameras must be unobtrusive and may only be used if the Arbiter in charge deems their use to be unobtrusive.

f) An official photographer, designated by the Organisers with the approval of the Chief Arbiter shall be allowed to take photos at any time during the round without flash.

3. 20. Ceremonies.

3. 20. 1. The Opening Ceremony shall take place the day prior to the first round and all participants are required to take part. Exception can be made by a written permission of the FIDE President.

3. 20. 2. The program of the Opening Ceremony shall be supervised by FIDE. Cultural program and speeches totalling up to 60 minutes are usually welcome. FIDE Anthem and the Anthem of the hosting country shall be played.

3. 20. 3. The drawing of colours for round 1 shall be carried out during the opening ceremony.

3. 20. 4. The Closing Ceremony shall take place not later than one day after the end of the event. The Organisers shall provide a trophy and a gold medal for the Women’s World Champion. Silver and bronze medals shall be provided for the runner-up and 3rd & 4th winners. If the two semi-finalists, who were eliminated in round 5, stay in the hosting city after their elimination in order to attend the closing ceremony, FIDE will cover their hotel expenses for this extra period. The FIDE Anthem, the Anthem of the World Champion’s country and the Anthem of the hosting country shall be played during the Closing Ceremony.

3. 21. FIDE Rights and Obligations of the Organisers

3. 21. 1. Finance

3. 21. 1. 1. Before the end of the tournament, FIDE shall be reimbursed for its direct expenses incurred in the Women’s World Championship. This shall be a fixed sum agreed between the Organiser and the World Chess Championship Committee before the start of the tournament. This sum shall include stipends, pre-expenses (inspections) and tournament expenses (travelling and boarding) for the principals. The WCCC shall advise and help the Organisers on protocol, budget, infrastructure, media, commentary, bulletin and other technical problems.

3. 21. 1. 2. FIDE has exclusive commercial rights to the event and is free to exploit them commercially, including entering into advertisement agreements either with the Organisers or Sponsors of the tournament requiring players to wear clothes with the branding of sponsors.

3. 21. 1. 3. The income provided by the Women’s World Chess Championship through admission charges, concessions and photography shall go to the Organisers. The radio and television rights, including video and film rights, shall belong to FIDE. The right as described here and in the previous paragraph can be given by FIDE to the organiser.

3. 21. 1. 4. FIDE shall have the exclusive rights for live games transmission on Internet and shall provide the necessary equipment such as electronic boards and clocks to cover the event. FIDE shall provide to the Organisers the signal for online game display in the different function rooms as agreed between the parties. These rights as described here can be given by FIDE to the organiser.

3. 21. 1. 5. The Organisers shall draw up a budget as detailed as possible, including provision for contingencies. This shall be subject to the approval of WCCC and the FIDE President.

3. 21. 2. Stipends

3. 21. 2. 1. The following stipends are to be paid to the Principals of the Women’s World Chess Championship:

a) Chairman of the Appeals Committee USD 7,000

b) Three members of the Appeals Committee USD 9,000

c) Chief Arbiter USD 4,000

d) Deputy Chief Arbiter USD 2,500

e) Deputy Arbiter (Rounds 1 to 5) USD 2,000

f) 2 Deputy Arbiters (Rounds 1 to 4) USD 3,500

g) Press Officer USD 2,500

h) Chairman of FIDE medical Commission USD 3,000

In addition the organisers shall pay to FIDE a minimum sum of USD 35,000 for the WCCC budget.

3. 21. 3. Travelling and Accommodation

3. 21. 3. 1. Travel. The FIDE President has the right to first class travel by air, sea or rail, at the Organisers` expense. The FIDE Deputy President has the right to business class travel by air, sea or rail, at the Organisers expense. All other Principals shall be provided with transport by air, sea or rail or, if they prefer, any other mode of transport that is not more costly to the Organisers than air travel. Any Principal making his own travel arrangements without the agreement of the Organisers does so entirely at his own risk.

3. 21. 3. 2. Board and Lodging. For the FIDE President a suite in a first class hotel and for the Deputy President one junior suite in the same first class hotel. For each Principal or WCCC member – a double room in the same first class hotel. Also, hospitality shall be provided for three more FIDE people (FIDE Secretariat). Extras will be covered by the Organisers only for the FIDE President.

3. 21. 3. 3. Food and drinks. Provision for food and drinks shall be provided for all the Principals. This shall be provided by a specified allowance in local currency per day or by the provision of all meals in the restaurant of the hotel. The nature and amount shall be agreed between the Organisers and WCCC.

3. 21. 3. 4. Local transportation. Transfer from and to the airport will be provided by the organisers, if necessary. For FIDE President, a chauffeur-driven car. For the other Principals, a number of cars shall be made available; their use will depend on the position of the hotels, playing hall and media centre, and on the leisure activities of the Principals. Alternatively, a daily allowance in local currency may be provided, the amount to be agreed between the Organisers and WCCC. Local transport shall also be provided for players to official functions if necessary.

3. 21. 3. 5. Personnel. The Organisers should provide sufficient personnel to assist: the FIDE Secretariat, in the playing hall, press room, VIP room, and at ceremonies according to the agreement made with the WCCC.

3. 22. Selection of the Organisers.

3. 22. 1. Any federation that is a member of FIDE or any sponsor may bid for the right to administer the Women’s World Championship. FIDE shall consult the federation where the sponsor proposes to hold the event. If the federation refuses or is unable to co-operate, FIDE may still accept a proposal from a potential sponsor.

No proposed sponsor for the Women’s World Championship shall be in conflict with the regulations of the International Olympic Committee.

3. 22. 2. FIDE organizes bidding procedures for candidate organizers/sponsors and announces publicly the terms, conditions and deadline for submission of offers.

3. 22. 3. Each applicant shall pay a non-refundable fee of USD 1 000 to obtain the obligatory bidding form and the necessary information from the FIDE Secretariat.

At any time, where the bidding procedure fails, the Presidential Board shall decide, where, when and how the Women’s World Championship shall be organised.

3. 22. 4. In the event that FIDE receives a satisfactory open offer that covers all the minimum financial requirements, then FIDE may immediately terminate any bidding procedure already opened.

3. 22. 5. Each proposal shall contain the following particulars:

a) the proposed dates of the event

b) the proposed tournament venue;

c) the proposed prize fund in U.S. Dollars.

d) the covering of all organisational costs

e) Special rates for hotel rooms and meals for the participants, accompanying persons and journalists.

f) A statement that the applicant accepts all the demands made in these regulations;

g) The applicant’s name, signatures and authentication;

h) Two bank guarantees shall be provided. One for the proposed prize fund comprising 20% of this sum and the other for the sum of USD 50,000 in respect of other obligations.

3. 22. 6. FIDE may exercise the right to reject any bid application if the conditions as stated in 3. 22. 8 below are not met or the financial offer is unsatisfactory.

3. 22. 7. Each proposal shall be accompanied by an invitation to at least one member of the WCCC to inspect the proposed venue and examine the other conditions, with all expenses paid by the bidder.

3. 22. 8. The FIDE Presidential Board shall decide which applicant shall be chosen. The decision reached shall be based on the following criteria, which are to be viewed as a whole:

a) prize fund

b) covering of organisational costs

c) playing conditions

d) providing visas to all players, trainers and officials.

e) Security assistance for all players and officials.

f) chess activity both actual and potential in the country hosting the Women’s World Championship.

g) media possibilities

h) potential development of chess worldwide.

i) climatic conditions during the period of the tournament

j) taxation conditions in the hosting country in respect of the prize fund.

If a Presidential Board meeting cannot be held, the FIDE President takes the decision in consultations with the WCCC.

3. 22. 9. After the Presidential Board (or the FIDE President) has decided who shall be selected to organize the Women’s World Championship, the Organizers shall deposit, not later than one month before the start of the event, in escrow, net and free of all taxes, with the FIDE bankers the full sums of money covering the prize fund and all costs related to FIDE as stipends, travel, full board and lodge and other administrative costs for communications etc in accordance with a budget agreed between FIDE and the Organizers.

3. 22. 10. In case of a failure to deposit the sums of money under 3. 22. 9, the guarantees specified in 3. 22. 5 are forfeited in favour of FIDE.

3. 22. 11. At any time, after the sums specified under 3. 22. 9, have been deposited in escrow, if the Organizer fails to organize the Women’s World Championship or is in breach of the agreement with FIDE for the organization of the event, FIDE shall withdraw the right to organize the event and at the same time, the Organizers shall forfeit 50% of the sums of money under 3. 22. 9..

3. 22. 12. The Organizers shall invite two members of the WCCC to inspect and give consultation on the preparations. The WCCC shall decide on the need for further inspections. Travelling (business class if transcontinental) and accommodation costs are to be borne by the Organizers.

3. 23. Other

3. 23. 1. At any time in the course of the application of these regulations, any grounds that are not covered or any unforeseen event shall be referred to the Presidential Board or the President of FIDE, for final decision.