Sofia rule comments

What other media and players think about the Sofia rule

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Sofia rule is one of the most discussed topics these days in chess media. Every day the comments support more and more the innovation brought by Mtel Masters. It is very probable that it becomes a Grand Slam event and set standarts in many other tournaments.

In respect to the change in rules several websites launched polls. On Chessvibes, a site ran by Peter Doggers, the readers vowed for a change in the current system. The results were similar in the poll launched by ACP. Susan Polgar’s readers also agreed that the change is positive.

Here is what Chess ninja said on March 25 regarding the upcoming Mtel Masters:

“Of course the “Sofia Rules” are in effect (at Mtel Masters 07), with no draw offers. It’s an easier life with the occasional (or frequent) non-game draw, but if we’re to build sponsorship and professionalism, in theory eventually bringing more money to the players, the draw offer has to go. It’s great to have an event as strong as the Mtel leading the way in this regard. I hope this also becomes a founding principle of the Grand Slam that Mtel organizer Danailov is working on.”

Mig’s words about Sofia rules as part of the Grand Slam may become soon true. In the news section on the official site of Mtel Masters we can find the following text:

“During the meetings in Linares there was a serious discussion of the idea all the tournaments in the Grand Slam be using the so called “Sofia rule” of M-Tel Masters.”

Veselin Topalov’s fan site expressed a worry about short draws in an article in November 2006.

“A draw is a normal score in a chess game. There are numerous positions that result in a theoretical draw. So a game finishing 1/2-1/2 is not strange at all. However, it is disappointing to see a game finishing in 12 moves or less in some cases. It is offensive to the audience, the organizers, the sponsors, the other participants, and chess in general.”

Veselin Topalov himself said in an interview for the Mtel Masters 07 website that he supports the Sofia rules. “Undoubtedly the using of the “Sofia rules” will spread. It is happening already,” Veselin Topalov shared.